HRS Bibliography and Publications

You can use this search tool to identify publications that have used HRS data as well as data from HRS sister studies. Click on the Bibliography and Publications tab to begin.The top gray bar contains the link to the search function. You can use this to do a freetext search or to search on an author's name or keyword. You can refine your search by clicking on "show only items where" in the gray bar just below. You can also combine the search function with the author, title, type, or year sort function.

Notice that the Export Results function appears for the entire search in the white area to the right of the sort links. This provides the number of publications your search returned as well as several export options. BibTex can be used in conjunction with LaTex. RTF will provide a rich text formatted document that can be saved as a WORD file. Notice that here the references are formatted APA style. Tagged and XML will allow you to export the references to an Endnote file. And RIS is another export option.

Directly below each individual citation, you will see a link to Google Scholar for that article as well as the various export options that can apply to just that reference.

To begin a new search, just click on the Bibliography and Publications tab again.

Please alert us by sending an e-mail to if you find that a publication using HRS data is missing from our database.